North Skunk River Wildlife Area

     The North Skunk River Wildlife Area (NSRWA) is a unique 93-acre area bisected by the North Skunk River.  NSWA is riparian area which means land that occur along watercourses and water bodies.  Typical examples include flood plains and streambanks. They are distinctly different from surrounding lands because of unique soil and vegetation characteristics that are strongly influenced by the presence of water. That can include tree species such as willow and cottonwood.  The prairie vegetation is more suited to wet or occasionally inundated soil.  The area also contains a four (4) acre food plot that is annually rotated between different crops. 

     The ground was purchased by a Wildlife Habitat Stamp Grant and the cost share was provided by many private and/or nonprofit entities.  NSRWA is adjacent to the Willy J. Suchy area, 225 acres managed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  NSRWA provides an excellent underdeveloped area to hunt and fish. Wildlife found in this area consist of pheasants, white tail deer, turkeys, morning doves and fur bearers such as muskrat, mink, coon, coyotes, and beaver, along with many species of non-game animals.


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