Eveland Access Cabins

The Mahaska County Conservation Board's cabins are adjacent to the Eveland Access campgrounds located at 1681 - 290th Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577.  The two bedroom cabins offer a home away from home for those that do not enjoy "roughing it" at the campgrounds.  Being located near the Des Moines River offers the opportunity to fish and boat (boat access located below the cabins).  Hunting is accessible at several neighboring MCCB public areas however, hunting is NOT allowed at the Eveland Access area (which includes the campgrounds and the cabins).   Nearby is Bluff Creek ATV Park which offers off-road ATV trails; however, off-roading and/or operating an ATV is NOT allowed on the Eveland Access area.

Cabin Responsibility Agreement

The responsibility agreement must be signed for all stays.  Please include a photocopy of a government issued form of personal identification (ie. drivers license) and your cleaning/damage deposit with your cabin responsibility agreement. MCCB policy states that you must be 21 years or older to rent cabins. 

Cabin living space
Cabin living space

Cabin Information

Mahaska County has two luxury rental cabins. The cabins will comfortably sleep 6 (maximum capacity 10), with two bedrooms, a full bathroom, living room, and kitchen area. For reservations and questions, contact the Mahaska County Conservation Board at (641) 673-9327.

Cabin Features

Cabin kitchen
Apple cabin kitchen

Mahaska County Conservation Provides

User Provides

Cabin Rental Policies,  Rules & Regulations    


Cabin bathroom
Cabin bathroom

Cabin Rental Checklist/Clean-Up Guidelines

Checking In:

  1. Make yourself at home but please treat the cabin with respect.  You may adjust the thermostat to your liking, but kindly return it to where it was originally set when you leave.    
  2. Only patio furniture may be used on outside deck. No other furniture is to be placed outside. Please DO NOT move bedroom furniture!
  3. We have Iowa County Conservation Guides and also local information on the table.  Please DO NOT remove those from the cabins.

Checking Out:  As mama always says…”you leave a place in better condition than how you found it

  1. Please clean out the sink.  Do not leave grease or food particles in the sink.
  2. Complete clean-up necessary: sweep and mop floors, clean bathroom etc.  Leave the cabin in good shape. 
  3. Kitchen:  Wipe down and clean the table, counter tops, stove, and microwave with the Germicical Foam provided.
  4. Bathroom:  Wipe down and clean the shower stall, the toilet (all surfaces...top to bottom and inside and out) with the Germadical Foam provided.
  5. Remove all food and drink from the refrigerator and ice and/or frozen items from the freezer.
  6. Dispose of trash in receptacles located at the driveway entrance to the cabin.  Please Do Not leave any trash in the trash receptacles in the cabin.
  7. Place pop cans/bottles in the receptacle located between the cabins.
  8. Bring all patio furniture back into the cabin.
  9. The rental fee may be left in one of the drawers in the kitchen.  Do not anticipate using the cleaning/damage deposit as any portion of the rental fee as this could result in forfeiture of future cabin use.  The rental fee and cleaning/damage deposit are separate items.
  10. Be sure lights, overhead fan, TV, and coffee pots are all turned off. 
  11. Return the thermostat to the original setting.
  12. Make sure the front door, the door to the deck, and all the windows are closed, locked and bolted.  Failure to do this could result in forfeiture of your deposit and future cabin use.

Please Remember…

  1. Our policy states that there are to be NO pets of any kind inside the cabin.  Please utilize the kennel available. 
  2. No smoking in the cabin. 

Map to Eveland Access Cabins