Eveland Access Campgrounds

Eveland Access Campground Information

 Eveland Access is a 56 acre multi-use recreation area located 4 miles southwest of Beacon at 2890 Galeston Avenue, Oskaloosa, IA 52577.  It is adjacent to the Des Moines River. Eveland boasts a 44 unit campground, divided into the east (22.5 acres) and west (33.5 acres - this includes area of the cabins) sides, containing electric sites, drinking water, picnic shelters and playground equipment. The concrete boat ramp at Eveland is one of the finest in the county and has been the gateway to many adventures on the Des Moines River.  


Looking for more comfortable lodging? Cabins are available for rent at Eveland Access adjacent to the campground. 

Cabin Rental Information

East Side Campground Features

  • 26 campsites
  • 30 amp electrical campsites
  • Pit toilet accommodations
  • Fire ring
  • Picnic table
  • Electric Shelter House
  • Playground

West Side Campground Features

  • 18 Campsites
  • 30 amp and 50 amp electrical campsites
  • 5 pull through campsites
  • Unisex shower house
  • Fire ring
  • Picnic table

The east and the west sides may both use the pit toilets, playground, shelter, and the shower house.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do the campgrounds open and close?  
    The campgrounds open the Friday of the 3rd full weekend in April (weather permitting) and close the last full weekend in October.
  • Can I reserve a campsite?
    NO RESERVATIONS. Campsites are rented on a first come first serve basis.
  • What is the cost to camp?
    Cost is $20.00 dollars per night. Payment envelopes can be found at the kiosks situated on both sides of the campgrounds.  Self registration is required.  Fill out the payment envelope completely, enclose your payment, place in the payment box, and place your portion of the envelope on the post at your site.
  • How many nights can I camp? 
    MCCB follows state regulations. Campers may stay 14 consecutive nights.  After the 14 consecutive nights, you must vacate the park for 24 hours.  

  • Does MCCB offer any camping incentives? 
    MCCB has coupon books. For $200.00 you get 11 coupons; pay for 10 nights and the 11th night is free.

  • Does MCCB have water hook-ups?
    NO. MCCB does have hydrants where you may fill tanks; however, campers are not allowed to have a continual hook-up to the hydrants. Violators will be unhooked from the hydrant.  
  • How do I occupy a campsite?
    A campsite can be considered occupied only after the fees have been paid and a camper, vehicle or tent is in place on the sight.

Basic Campground Policies and Rules 

(Please note this is a basic list not an exhaustive list. For full rules and regulations please see this list.)

  1. VIOLATIONS:  Violation of any state law or county park regulations by any member of a camping party is cause for revocation of the camping permit and the entire camping party shall be required to leave the Area.
  2. FEES:  When any campground is open and in usable condition all charges and fees shall be in effect and shall be enforced as set forth in the official fee schedule approved by the Board.
  3. REGISTERING:  All camping parties at Eveland Access must register before placing a camping unit or vehicle on the site.
  4. ONE UNIT PER SITE:  It shall be unlawful for more than one camping party or camping unit to occupy a campsite.
  5. PARKING:  It shall be unlawful to park any motor vehicle outside the parking area designated at each campsite. No more than two registered vehicles are permitted at any campsite.
  6. QUIET HOURS:  All campers shall maintain quiet and avoid excessive noise in the campground between the hours of 10:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.
  7. MOVING (Eveland Access only):  No camping unit or camping party shall move from its registered campsite to another campsite without prior approval from the Director or his authorized representative.
  8. TIME LIMIT:  No camping party or camping unit of any kind shall occupy any campground more than fourteen consecutive days without permission from the Director or his authorized representative.    
  9. VISITORS:  Any person visiting a camping party in the campground must park only in designated areas and vacate the campground and park by 10:00 P.M.
  10. MINORS:  No one under the age of 18 shall be allowed to camp at any MCCB area unless that person is participating with a legitimate youth group or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the entire night(s) that the camping unit is occupied. Unsupervised camping minors allowed only with permit issued in advance by the MCCB Director or his representative.
  11. CHECK-OUT TIME:  Check-out time for all campers is 2:00 P.M.
  12. RESTORING SITE:  Campers shall restore their campsite to the same approximate condition or better than when they found it.
  13. RESERVATIONS:  Campsites cannot be reserved. A campsite will only be considered occupied when proper fees have been paid and a camping unit or vehicle is in place at the site.
  14. REFUNDS:  No cash refunds for camping fees. Credit for a paid night MAY be given after written request indicating date, amount and situation is submitted to and approved by the MCCB Director.  Camp fee credit must be used during the camping season in which the fee was originally paid.
  15. WATER HYDRANTS:  No Continuous hook-up to water hydrants at Eveland Access. Hydrants may be used for filling holding tanks then must be disconnected.
  16. EXTERNAL LIGHTING:  Must contain lighting within campsite.
  17. REVOCATION OF CAMPING PRIVILEGES:  Custodians are given authority to refuse camping privileges and to rescind any and all camping permits for cause.

Violation of park rules and regulations may result in fines and user privileges being rescinded.


Amenities and Features

Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Drinking Water Drinking Water
Electricity Electricity
Fishing Fishing
Handicap Handicap Accessible
Picnicing Picnicking
Picnic Shelter Picnic Shelter
Playground Playground
Restroom Restrooms
Tent Camping Tent Camping
Trailer Camping Trailer Camping
Trails Trails (Hiking)
Water Water: River


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